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Spinfire Pro 2 Ball Machine is for the use of Members only. Follow the links:
After the first round-robin competition held Saturday, 14 March 2016 attached are the results (follow the link). The competition is being run by Selection Committee.
  • For a Selector, the following guideline is for the arranging of sets on Wednesday afternoons - effective, 2017

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State Competition Events & Calendar - 2017  (link to document)

On Saturday 16th September the annual Club Championship Finals were held. Congratulations to this year's winner(s) and runner-up(s). The results follow:

Event Winner & Runner-Up

Open Singles :- John Bruce def. Justin Wood (6-2, 6-0)

Open Doubles :- John Bruce & Justin Wood def. Owan Ratsoongnoen & Gordon Waygood (5-7, 6-4, 6-3)

Vets Singles :- Justin Wood def. Graeme Sticka (6-3, 6-3)

Vets Doubles :- Robert Hanbury-Brown & Graeme Sticka def. Robin Hutchens & Justin Wood (6-0, 6-4)

H'Cap Singles :- Richard Eaton def. Andy Phelan (8-5) [scratch]

H'Cap Doubles :- Peter English & Rod Thomas def. Paul Cohen & Carl Miners (6-2, 7-5) [C&M: -15 /-15]

Grand Master Singles :- John Butler def. Robin Hutchens (8-1)

Follow the link to the latest Tennis Booking Schedule (as at 28 August 2017). The schedule details the bookings for: the Coach, Permanent & Casual hirers, Members, and time slots potentially available for the use of Members. Before going to the Club, please ensure you contact Tony Dupont-Brown (M: 0403 712 175) to check whether a time slot is available - it may be already allocated to a Casual Hirer or another Member!

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- Membership of the Committee, Responsibilities of the Selectors, New Member Application form process - See document

- List of Members - 17 August 2017

 Member contact details are also distributed periodically by email by the Secretary and a summarised version is available on the Clubhouse Noticeboard. Changes to contact details must be promptly advised to the Secretary at email: