Membership enquiries are welcome.

Enquiries should be directed to the Northbridge Tennis Club’s (NTC) Selectors email account at Please ensure your name, contact email and phone number, along with a short message, is included in the email.

NTC is managed and operated as a company and owns unencumbered the property the courts and facilities are located upon. The Club’s Constitution sets out the maximum number of members. Therefore, Membership is dependent upon whether a vacancy is available to be filled.

Membership to our Club is by invitation from either one of our Ordinary members or a member of the Selection Committee who play on Saturday afternoons. On receipt of an email a member of the Selection Committee will be in contact to discuss your interest and, if appropriate, may extend an invitation to you to come on one or more Saturday afternoons, so you can meet and play competitive social tennis with our members. We can also tell you more about our Club. One of the selection criteria for membership is that the person meets a minimum standard of tennis as determined by the Club Selectors. A visitor fee for the afternoon tennis is $10, which includes an afternoon tea, provided by one of our members, and which is usually followed by a BBQ. Saturday afternoon tennis commences from Noon and you are welcome to stay with the members for as long as you wish until close. Should the Selectors be satisfied with your standard of tennis and suitability of fit as a potential member you may be invited to complete a New Member Application Form. If the application is approved you will be invited to join the Club.

One of the most treasured assets of the Club is its strong culture of camaraderie, contribution, participation, mutual support and encouragement, balanced with some good-natured ribbing from the balcony.  Current members value these positive social aspects as much as the quality of the tennis they get. The Selectors look for people who support and contribute to this culture.

Detailed below are the various categories of membership and the current one-time joining and annual fees. The NTC financial year commences 1st October.

Categories of Membership

We offer five types of membership at Northbridge Tennis Club:

  • Ordinary Member – Can play any day of the week; can be an official of the Club and vote on Club matters including at the AGM. Current (2017-18) annual fee is $360 per annum & a one-time $300 Joining Fee.
  • Associate Member – Can only play during the week (not weekends); but cannot be an official of the Club or vote on Club matters. Current (2017-18) annual fee is $200 per annum & a one-time $200 Joining Fee.
  • Life Member – By invitation only. Those people who have made an extraordinary contribution to the Club. Same privileges as an Ordinary Member, but are not required to pay an annual fee.
  • Country Member – Offered to members whose main place of residence is more than 75 kms from NTC. They can play any day of the week, but do not have voting rights and cannot be elected as a Club official. Current (2017-18) annual fee is $200 per annum & a one-time $200 Joining Fee.
  • Social Member – A non-playing member of NTC, who cannot be an official of the Club or vote on Club matters, but can enjoy all the social aspects of the Club. The annual fee is $50 (2017-8).

The Club welcomes enquiries for Junior male membership. Special rates apply for Juniors.

However, whilst many of our court hirers are ladies and family groups the Club does not provide membership for these categories.