ANZ Hot Shots Explained

ANZ Hot Shots

The International Tennis Federation (ITF) recommends modified courts and the use of slower balls for 10-and-under.  This change, which encourages a slower red, orange or green ball in conjunction with smaller courts, is designed to make tennis easier and more fun for children.


Using the correct court size and net for developing players is vital if they are to enjoy longer rallies, develop good footwork and realistic tactics.

Playing on smaller courts allows kids to cover the court easily and develop good footwork. On a full-size court kids need to take more steps to approach the net or chase down a ball, smaller courts allow kids to develop more realistic footwork patterns.

Most children under the age of eight will have trouble playing on a full-size court – their rallies will be shorter and they will resort to unrealistic tactics. Also, covering the net is almost impossible as there is too much space either side, making it easier for their opponent to hit a passing shot.

What are the different court sizes?

Tennis Australia recommends three different scaled court sizes that help kids progress at their own pace, preparing them to play on a full-size court.