Mission Statement

Northbridge Tennis Club is managed by the Club Committee on a voluntary basis.

Our mission is,

“To continue to develop NTC by improving the facilities, the playing standard and the financial stability of the Club, whilst maintaining our core values and beliefs. This can be measured by an increase in member satisfaction and financial performance.”

The key elements of the mission are to:

  • Improve the Club facilities – such as the clubhouse, courts and surrounds.
  • Improve the playing standard – by offering coaching for members; active participation in NSTA, Badge, Tennis Seniors Australia & Tennis Seniors ITF tournaments, as well as internal competitions and competitive social tennis. Also, by bringing in new members into the Club.
  • Financial Stability – the Club is owned by the members and is a not-for-profit organisation. However, a strong financial foundation is maintained through revenue generating activities to enable the payment of future expenditures such as the replacement of court surfaces and fencing.
  • Maintain our core values and beliefs – this is a Club that has great traditions and an active membership who love their tennis. It is run like a family club, with total transparency and with the member’s interests at the centre of everything we do.